What we need know about radon

Radon is a colorless noble gas, odorless, which makes it completely undetectable to the human senses. Radon is radioactive and is formed by the radioactive decay of radium, which is a decay product of uranium in soil, rocks and water, from where it enters the air.

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The only way to know what the indoor radon concentration and if and whether you are at risk is to measure it with detectors.

Some common ways of reducing radon levels in existing buildings include:

  • increasing under-floor ventilation;
  • installing a radon sump system in the basement or under a solid floor;
  • avoiding the passage of radon from the basement into living spaces;
  • sealing floors and walls; and improving the ventilation of the building, especially in the context of energy conservation.

Passive systems of mitigation can reduce indoor radon levels by more than 50%. The reduction methods are established in the Ordinance of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.